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Faculty News & Innovations
by: Frances Rowe & Brian Salerno

Faculty Development Seminars – Spring 2008

Quinnipiac faculty geared up to teach online this spring by participating in an online seminar where they shared insights and expertise about online teaching and learning in higher education. According to several participants, the seminars provided an opportunity to shift from a teaching mode to a learning mode, explore opinions about effective practices and evaluate technologies in the context of their teaching objectives and discipline. The seminars were facilitated by (1) Mohammad Elahee, Business (2) Joshua Kim, College of Professional Studies (3) Sharon Kleinman, Communications (4) Kim Hartman, Health Sciences and (5) David Valone, Liberal Arts.

Faculty Innovations

Ronald Beckett, Professor of Health Sciences and Co-Director of the Bioanthropology Research Institute has developed AH161DE – The Scientific Study of Mummies and will teach the course online this summer and in the fall. Prof. Beckett will be using video to reach his students in a unique and powerful way. Via iTunesU, Quinnipiac’s own iTunes portal, Prof. Beckett’s online students will be able to download his lectures, podcasts, and video clips and will be able to load them onto portable devices such as an iPod.  Using Web 2.0 video technology, Prof. Beckett will also share videos of his research in the field by posting clips of his expedition to Papua New Guinea.

William Jellison, Assistant Professor of Psychology has developed PS261DE – Social Psychology for the summer 2008 semester. Prof. Jellison will be using Web cam video to enhance communication and collaboration amongst his online students. Prof. Jellison is empowering his students to communicate through video using the free Web 2.0 video tool offered by Prof. Jellison’s students will be able to exchange ideas and observations with their groups by producing short reflective video blogs. Prof. Jellison is also producing his own short video blogs and announcements in order to create a more dynamic learning environment.


James Kirby, Associate Professor of Chemistry has redeveloped CH102DE - Fundamentals of General, Organic and Biological Chemistry II for the summer 2008 semester. Prof. Kirby has encorporated Wikis into the course to enhance collaborative problem solving. Prof. Kirby’s students will work in groups to answer a series of exam preparation questions using the Wiki learning object in Blackboard. The group’s consensus answers are then posted publicly for the benefit of their classmates. The Wiki tool provides a space where multiple students can asynchronously collaborate on a single project or assignment.



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