First Edition-Summer-2008

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of QU Online's
eTeaching Times’

This newsletter aims to inform and connect faculty who teach online and blended courses at Quinnipiac University. Created by the staff of QU Online, eTeaching Times will highlight new developments in online teaching and learning, provide practical information with regards to new educational technologies and instructional strategies for your consideration, as well as feature the many accomplishments and innovations of those who teach and develop online courses. As we launch this new publication, we welcome your feedback, and hope you will find eTeaching Times to be a valuable resource.

Faculty News & Innovations

Quinnipiac faculty geared up to teach online this spring by participating in an online seminar where they shared insights and expertise about online teaching and learning in higher education. According to several participants, the seminars provided an opportunity to shift from a teaching mode to a learning mode, explore opinions about effective practices and evaluate technologies in the context of their teaching objectives and discipline. read more >

Talking Heads: How Web Cam Video can boost communication and create more dynamic online courses.

Have you ever wished that you could see the expressions on your online students’ faces or the inflections in their voices? Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to make a quick point out-loud without having to type it all out? Do you wish you had a way to make your online courses more visually appealing and dynamic? Web Cam video may be the answer you’ve been looking for. read more >

A Minute Saved is a Minute Earned: Timesaving Tips for Managing Your Online Workload

When you teach online for the first time, it doesn’t take long to realize that the time requirements for online course development and instruction can be greater than traditional, on-ground courses.  Fortunately, there are a number of great strategies that can lighten your workload and make your online teaching experience a pleasant one. read more >

Capturing Student Projects and Reflections Using Blogs and Wikis

Blogs and wikis are a great way to create multiple channels of communication with and for students; both blogs and wikis are available through your Blackboard courses. Wikis are designed for collaboration and the creation of knowledge by multiple parties. Blogs are broadly recognized as mediums for individual expression such as journals, but the possibilities are unlimited. If you can imagine it, it is likely that you can do it! Below are potential usage scenarios that are applicable to a variety of courses.
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Professor in my iPod: How you can use the new Podcast tool in Blackboard to reach your students anywhere

If you are teaching a course here at Quinnipiac, you may have noticed the new ‘Manage Podcast’ link available through the Control Panel. Learning Objects®, a third-party vendor of Blackboard plug-ins, has recognized the popularity and effectiveness of Podcasting for education and has simplified the process of delivering Podcasts directly through your Blackboard course(s).
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Who's Who & Who's New?

QU Online is pleased to announce some recent staff changes. We welcome a few new staff members and we congratulate a few of our colleagues for recent position changes that we hope will enhance the services and support provided to you and your students
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